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Mission statement:

During this journey my mission for 1st Degree Black Belt has been challenging, but outstanding. I’m ready to keep moving forward and not letting anything make me take a step back. I want to and will try my best to practice and perform the forms and techniques from last year’s test for this year at a higher level. Its been a great year especially the honor to receive the Deshi title and to be able to perform the tasks as a Deshi. I can’t wait for October and good luck to all the candidates!



To start every biography my name is Victor Andres Palacios Marrero. I was born March 15, 1997and both of my parents were born and raised in Puerto Rico. I was born here in Florida and my father Victor M. Palacios being a police officer has throughout my life taught be very valuable lessons. My mother Rita L. Palacios has also taught me how to respect others and dedication in my life. I’m currently in high school soon to begin 11th grade Junior year. Through my life I you can say I was pretty lazy just an average kid who loved playing video games and just hanging out with friends. My personal fitness and improving on it wasn’t my priority goal when I started out at the academy the main reason I started was so my parents could get me out of the house. Hitting my second year at the academy I became more focused and I wanted to excel at what I do cause this is a sport I love. Then I began increasing my fitness breaking limits last year during the 2012 Black Belt. To do back to back years for Black Belt has been a challenge but well worth it. An outstanding accomplishment I have reached was on July 20th, 2013 I happily received Deshi title. If you haven’t seen me much of this year I’ve been fully committed to the adult class. Besides Mixed Martial Arts out of the academy I’m having a good time with friends or working out. Also as a past time during winter I would head out for some snowboarding. In the future I hope to pursue something in law enforcement for a couple years of experience and hope for it to lead to something with the government.


Why do I think I deserve my First Degree Black Belt:

Almost every day I wake up I go through my normal day and then finally at the end I commit not because I have to but because I want to be at the academy. I enjoy the workout and the learning experience even if it is repetitive. I have learned that this repetition is what can make me better at what I became committed to. I love being able to enter the academy, tie and balance my belt, and have the privilege to run the adult class warm up. Plus I have to be slammed around by Sensei Carlos as his ookie. 2012 was a great experience earning my first Black Belt and I am more focused and knowledgeable for this year. Every day being in class I set my goal to increase my prowess in martial arts.


What does my First Degree Black Belt mean to me:

My First Degree Black Belt means no quitting. I don’t plan on stopping now no matter what the challenge. For me this is a never ending goal that the only accomplishment you can receive is to keep pushing forward. This is the point where I can break past my current rank towards never ending improvement. There’s no end in the direction you can take after Black Belt I have to choose which path I want to take. This new belt means to prove my discipline, respect, confidence, self-control, loyalty, perseverance, indomitable spirit and balance. To me it means that every moment counts and that if you’re after your goals the first step is setting your mind to it.   


The price I am willing to pay:

Everyone is different in which they all go to a certain extent of the price they are willing to pay. The main thing is this doesn’t mean to sacrifice everything and act like a robot. What it truly means is dedication to the goal at hand. Sometimes things do get in the way of your goals but there are no means of quitting. I’m willing to go out and practice instead of go out with friends, but not every time. I will try my best to attend class 4 to 5 times a week. I will train through the extra work that is given to me because in the end it will help me endure the qualifiers and the graduation.



My heroes are what give me inspiration and clarity through the acts they’ve done. The two obvious heroes I look up to right now are my parents. They have been with me from the beginning to now, through good times and bad, and push me to be my best. I wouldn’t be here for my dad’s nagging to start martial arts. Plus without my mom I wouldn’t be able to come to any of the classes. Another hero more like brother is my friend Steven who always had my back from our childhood to now. The respect I have for him is incredible and I can always count on him. I see all my friends and family members as heroes because every one of them have gone through tough times and pushed through it. From just seeing this you can say they all have indomitable spirit. They are all a true inspiration to me and I’m happy to have them in my lives.   



My goals are many, but realistic and accomplishable. Physically if you have ever seen me day one in the academy I could barely do 10 Black Belt pushups. Now I think I can push 62 in a minute. I’ve worked hard and I want to perform better every day. I want to achieve higher kicks, lower splits, better endurance, and perform at a faster pace. I especially want to improve my techniques for kickboxing and grappling and hopefully start some competitions. Mentally I want to be able to prepare and execute classes better for example doing the warm-ups for the adult class. Spiritually I never want to quite martial arts because now it’s like a lifestyle and habit. Emotionally I’m prepared for another year of a great experience with this year’s 2013 team “hoo hoo hoo isa!!!!”