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Summer sweepstakes

Our Summer Sweepstakes is finally here!

Summer is a time to train, have fun and spend time with family and friends.  We will be offering prizes throughout the summer months.  All you need to do is accumulate raffle tickets.  The more tickets you accumulate the better the odds that you will win.  We will award gift cards every week!  The *GRAND PRIZE is incredible!  You get to choose from either tickets to a Miami Marlins baseball game or a Florida Panthers hockey game.*

Here's how you can earn raffle tickets:

Bring a buddy to class = 1 ticket
Attend 3 classes in 1 week = 5 tickets
Attend 4 or more classes in 1 week = 10 tickets
Your buddy enrolls = 10 tickets

Don't worry if you're on vacation and won't be able to attend classes.  You can win as well:

Send us a postcard from your vacation spot = 2 tickets
Submit a picture from your vacation spot = 3 tickets
Submit a short video = 5 tickets
Call us every week = 10 tickets

The dates for our sweepstakes are June 1 through August 21.

*Student must have an active membership to win the grand prize!