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Attending the meeting means you are eligible to test for your black belt next April.  This, however, does not guarantee that you will actually test. Earning a black belt is more than just a test.  It’s a journey, a series of experiences that culminate at the Black Belt Spectacular.  You have to be in the right state of mind in order to absorb it all.  You really don’t want to go through the cycle simply because it’s your turn.

Cycle officially begins 10/24 with the pre - test / qualification.  At that time we will also be sizing you for uniforms and your belts.  We will also be taking your portraits.
  • Fees
    • $500 - Black Belt Test
    • $99 - Black Belt uniform which is regularly $145
      • 1st payment due 10/23.  Payments can be made in equal $100 installments.  Last payment due 2/19. Uniform payment is due 11/20.

There is a calendar in our website with all the important dates listed.  You are expected to find it.  That is your 1st task.

Care - don’t make this journey a hassle in your home.  If it becomes a hassle it will backfire.  The next 6 - 12 months will then become miserable.  Get involved (fundraising, ground rules, training, etc.) and make it the most exciting experience for them.  It has long term effects.  If you don’t have the time, or have a scheduling conflict, then don’t test.  Make this the most important thing after family and school.  

The #1 reason why Black Belts quit; because they know, and we know they didn’t deserve it.

  • Make your bed; start your day with an act of discipline.  E-mail me when they don’t so I can keep track.
  • Can I vs. Should I
  • On time - This journey is about being on time.  You may not be late or we will turn you away.  At 6:55 we shut the door.  Almost every year a parent shows up late.  We know how it feels to get children ready.  It’s not to be mean.  This also applies to regular classes.  You must be on the line in ready position 5 minutes before classes.  Not for me but because it is what you’re supposed to do.  Being on time means being ahead of time.  If you are 5 minutes late to a regular class you should sit and watch the class.  Even if an instructor says you can come in, you should not.  If you miss a test you are done.  There are no make ups.  These are experiences.  Parents are welcome to attend.  Most of you will be bored out of your mind.  Attendance - Some students tend the “disappear” and start training right before the cycle begins.  In years past we’ve been somewhat lenient in allowing students to do this.  This year, and going forward, the expectation is for the students to continue to train on a regular basis. Regular is defined as a student who attends at least 4 basic/leadership classes and 3 black belt classes per month.  Although this is your journey and you decide how you want your experience to be, everyone who enters our black belt cycle must have the same frame of mind… achieving Black Belt Excellence.
  • 1 mile run - if you journal your runs and there is an improvement from the 1st run you will pass even if you don’t achieve the 8 minutes.  If, however, there is no record of your runs, you will not pass.
  • Written requirements - IF you don't want anyone else to see them please indicate so when you turn in your written requirements.  They MUST be turned in on time and they MUST be submitted in the order as listed in your Black Belt Candidate Packet via e-mail and in the body of the e-mail (NOT AS AN ATTACHMENT).
  • Journal - my biggest regret is not journaling.
  • Kaizen report - send them directly to me.  That’s how you’ll communicate what worked or what didn’t work.  1 - 2 times per week.  Tell me how the journey is going.

My relationship with you:
  • I will not tolerate mediocrity and I will tell you.
  • I will not put up with your stories or excuses (stories plus being late doesn’t make you “on time”).
  • I will not come after you.  This is your journey, not mine.
  • It’s not the teacher’s job to teach, it’s the student’s job to learn.
  • I will stop you if I feel you’re not authentic or real in your training.  If you feel ignored, come and ask for feedback.
  • I will stop you if I feel you’re sacrificing your family or your priorities are backwards.  Family, school, martial arts.

Black Belt Excellence
Completing the requirements to your highest possible level and taking every moment as if it is the last moment you have to train. Committing yourself to create an unprecedented future and to create limitless possibilities as a Black Belt, not only in martial arts, but in life.