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Mission Statement

I would like to make mixed martial arts for me a lifestyle. I would like to be in college and still be attending class. I would like to also enjoy mixed martial arts and what I practice.



My name is Daniel Valdes. I was born on September 24, 1998. I was a pre-me born in Joe DiMaggio hospital in Hollywood, FL. I have two sisters; they’re the ages of 27 and 25. Before I began mixed martial arts I played baseball when I was 7. After two months I quit baseball. Then I went to mixed martial arts at the age of 8. I’ve been doing it for six years and hope to continue on even longer. I have learned and been taught by many people including master senseis, senseis, and deshis. I have met a lot of people through my journey. I have had a lot of good relationships and bad relationships with these people. I earned my junior black belt in 2010 and my adult black belt in 2012. I started going to tournaments for mixed martial arts in 2008 and stopped in 2010 due to an incident that happened in 2009 tournament. I am trying to earn my 1st degree black belt. I hope to move up on the ladder become a deshi and strive to become that sensei that everyone dreams of being.


Why I Think I Deserve My 1st Degree Black Belt

I have been committed and loyal to mixed martial arts for 6 years. I have not seen that many people on the wall of years for the graduating black belts been there for 3 times and continue. I have always had someone say to never quit and always move forward. I may go to some classes practice the same stuff and feel bored, but I always have a voice in my head saying the next day is going to get better. A lot of people going in my footsteps may get impatient and quit. I’m sure it has had to pass through everyone’s minds one way or another. When you’re young you feel like if you join martial arts that you would feel cool, but you soon realize it is more about self defense.  I have gone through many obstacles to get to this moment. I thought when joining that it going to make me cool like Bruce Lee, but I later realized that it was more about integrity, self control, respect, courtesy, and loyalty. I have learned from many sensei’s, deshi’s, and masters. I have known so many people who joined and quit before and after black belt. I have learned from many instructors, some more experienced than others. They all have a different style in teaching and training.


What My 1st Degree Black Belt Means To Me

It means a lot to me since I’ve been going to mixed martial arts since I was 8. It shows for me all the obstacles I’ve gone through. It shows what I’ve learn for the past 6 years. It reminds me of all the people who come and go. It shows how far I’ve gotten compared to those who earn they’re black belt and quit. It shows that mixed martial arts is not a sport but a life style. It shows a lot from all the styles of techniques and defenses. It shows you discipline, indomitable spirit, respect, courtesy, and self control.  You may get bored when you practice the same thing over and over again, but you have to keep in your head it will always get better. You should never give up because you could do it. No matter what obstacle you face you can overcome it you can be better then who you were yesterday. No matter what anybody says, you can do it. It shows that you should never say no I can’t but to say YES I CAN.


My Living Heroes

Sensei Carlos - He is there for every student. He will help any student that asks. Ask for help and you shall receive. He will never turn down a student for help.

Sensei Font - He looks out for every student. He never says no. He will teach you to show confidence and have energy during class. He hates when you mistaken him for being in the navy.

Sempai Ryan - Point a camera in his face and he always smiles. Always makes a great workout. He helps any student that needs help in class. He knows Sensei Carlos so well and helps him teach the class.

Deshi Kristen - She is helpful with any information needed. You could ask her any question. She is always smiling in a good mood.

Deshi Victor - Always energized. He Loves to be the ooky. He is a nice guy to be friends with. Whenever he gets called up, he doesn’t say no.

Deshi Savannah- Always helping a lower rank. She Comes to class every day. She always loves to help people.


My Deceased Heroes

Frank Soares was a Operation Manager at my dad’s job when he met him. I met him about 3 years ago at the yard house in gulfstream. That first time I met him he was telling me about how to do proper push-ups and improve on my workouts. He was always trying to help people. At his funeral I heard stories about him like how he was driving down a street and saw a kid alone without a jacket in the middle of December. So he pulled over and gave the kid his jacket. He was always trying to help everyone in one way or another. Help people with their groceries or just being humble and polite to people.


My Goals

Physical - Run an 8 minute mile. Be Able to do 5 pull ups/chin ups. 50 non-stop pushups. Build up my cardio. 100 sit ups without stopping. In general I would like to have more muscle tone. I would like to do black jacks without going on my knees. I would want to be capable to due 5 pop-ups in a row. 

Mental - I would like to lose my temper less. I wish to think more during sparring and combinations to use then just using random techniques. Focus more in school and on studying. Before class let all negative thoughts aside and focus on having a great class.

Spiritual - My goals are to let all negative ideas and words go through me and not lose my anger towards it.